Nolan Sotillo is a versatile talent who has found success on stage and screen. After discovering his love for entertaining during his childhood in West Palm Beach, FL, Sotillo tested out of high school and moved to LA to pursue his dream full time. Over the course of his career, the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor has attracted a fervent fan base via a series of independent releases and high-profile roles. He starred in numerous projects including Disney’s Prom to FOX’s Red Band Society (produced by Steven Spielberg.) Even as a successful actor, Sotillo never gave up on his songwriting passion and continued to make music when he wasn’t busy on set. Today, with a full-time focus on music, Sotillo has been in the studio writing and recording. With a sound that encompasses intimate ballads, timeless country anthems, the spirit of rock, the bounce of funk, and the universality of pop –Sotillo has cultivated his own sound that showcases his depth and versatility.